The “Amaryllis Series” was inspired, in part, by my grandfather, my mother’s
father, who built a greenhouse to grow many different things at different times:
citrus trees, cacti, and amaryllis bulbs. I started painting this series in NYC in
1989, where I went to art school and lived for 9 years before moving back to
New Orleans, my birthplace. In New York, I would also grow amaryllis bulbs in
my apartment. Their flowers brought moments of joy, warmth and bright color to
punctuate the long, dark, cold winter months.
Soon after I returned to New Orleans in 1989 to live, my grandfather passed
away, and I came into possession of a photograph of his. I remember seeing it
as a child, brightening his desk. One of his amaryllis blooms. It has since faded,
but had always impressed me, given its near abstraction and beautiful boldness.