My art explores the love-hate relationship I have with our commodity driven society.  On a day-to-day basis I am constantly arranging my being and the things around me to bring form and function into a system that demands value-exchange and productivity.  I am interested in object arrangements and the contexts that can shift meaning and intent of a “thing."  In my work, I manipulate the mundane and disregarded objects as a way to purge new meaning by way of ‘re-purposing’. Play is an important method in my studio practice, it gives me a window in which to engage a curious investigation of an object’s interior self and or existence. I am attracted to the dynamic roles that objects and things can represent in our day-to-day lives and how objects can contain mystical properties. I my studio, I question how I experience the ‘essence’, or, as I like to refer to as the ‘thingness’, of an object. I do believe that objects are reflective and can reveal more than what is at face value. I believe that objects contain extensions of our inner voids, fears and hopes. 

I use painting, sculpture and video to question my experience with the materiality of canvas and paint. I incorporate plastic objects, glittery materials, and things that have ephemeral qualities. I am attracted to synthetic forms and objects, arranging them purposefully in my compositions. I want to push the viewer into a psychological place that brings humor, discomfort, beauty, and curiosity into a visual exploration of the failed attempts and struggles as humans. My process allows me to look closely at the social constructs and systems that bind us to this commodity driven market. I feel if we are to understand our current conditions, we must consider the impact and relevance of things in our material world. My compositions are an attempt to analyze and ultimately further define the multiple relationships between human will and the inanimate 'thing.'