"Help, I can't stop creating"

 I create visual compositions. I have always been a hunter and a gatherer, collecting images from my extensive collection of found magazines, postcards, books, art works, photographs as well as my own paintings, photographs and drawings. I repurpose all kinds of images from my visual collection; first making photocopies of different sizes, then cutting and altering shapes to create new compositions. 
I create my work by using several methods. Cutting out images and shapes is often a starting point for my visual compositions.
I often use a lithography press to create mono prints on paper from my cut up images, then I layer the print with paint and sometimes collage.
I also work directly on canvases which are blown up from smaller collages; that I then paint over.
All my works are a process of play from images that I manipulate working with negative and positive space and a variety of mixed colors.
My visual language originates from my experience of growing up in Los Angeles in the mid-sixties. 
Much of my work references the visual vocabulary of that time; my childhood memories, and my exposure to the great artists of the twentieth century. My background in graphic design informs my use of negative and positive space and love of graphic forms. I am especially drawn to the art works of the Bauhaus, Russian Constructivists as well as paintings from California Artists of the 1960's.
I am indebted to the works of Matisse, sister Mary Corita, Sonia Delaunay and the many more artists that inspire me. 
Darkness and light always live together. Through my art work, I seek to evoke joy through play. I listen to jazz music as I work invoking improvisation and rhythm. I am inspired by the visual beauty in our world.
In my daily practice an artist, I strive to be my authentic self and I remember the words of Thelonious Monk " A genius is the most like himself" 
Laurie Raskin