The work I create is rooted in discovery.

Gavin Jones is a self-taught visual artist born and based in New Orleans.


Artist Statement:


"The work I create is rooted in discovery. The shapes, forms, and colors used are found during a process of improvisation and experimentation. The colors I use often flow seamlessly into the next series. Music plays an integral part in the creation process and is constantly used as inspiration in my artwork. I am often absorbed in the play between sound and color in my studio in New Orleans. It helps me find a rhythm to painting. My hope for the work is that it evokes emotion in the viewer, similar to the way music moves the listener. It's like sound for the eyes. I often work with discarded materials and experiment with many mediums from Plexiglass and cardboard to layering paint on Fine Art prints. The free-form expression style of painting has given me constant insight into freedom and autonomy."